WHO Full Form and Other Detail about WHO 2022

WHO Full Form and Other Detail about WHO 2022

WHO Full Form Detail

WHO Full Form

World Health Organization(WHO). WHO is a Very Big Agency of United states. Who contribute Private Fund along the world
This American Agency Stablished on 7 April 1948. WHO is Responsible for Worlds Health They tried to be a Higher level of
Health of all people. The motive of WHO is Aware people for their Health , Health is a very Big and Most Important thing
our life. This is why United States Stablish this Organization For Health Purpose. WHO is a Government Agency But Their
Funding of WHO is Private Sources. The Headquarter of WHO is on Switzerland and Geneva City. The WHO achieves this purpose through its functions as set out in its Constitution:  To act as a regulatory and co-ordinating authority in international health work;  To establish and maintain effective partnerships with the United Nations, specialized agencies, public health authorities, technical groups and other organizations that may be regarded as appropriate; Assisting Government, if requested, in strengthening health services;  Provide appropriate technical assistance and, in an emergency, assistance required on request or Government approval;  To provide or assist in the provision of, at the request of the United Nations, health services and facilities to specialized groups, such as people of trust; Establishing and maintaining administrative and technical services as may be required, including disease and statistics services.

  The WHO Diseases Collaboration

To promote and advance the work of eradicating epidemics, epidemics and other diseases;  To promote, in collaboration with other specialized agencies where necessary, the prevention of accidental injury; Promoting, in collaboration with other specialized agencies where necessary, the improvement of healthy food, housing, sanitation, recreation, economic and working conditions and other aspects of sanitation; Promoting collaboration between science and professional groups that contribute to health development;  To propose conferences, agreements and regulations, and to make recommendations regarding international health matters and practices.

WHO Funding

WHO full form

The World Health Organization(WHO) is very big Organization of Health Than any Agency or Organization. This is the Reason
Why they wanted a Big Funding Because in this Organization Many Doctors , Medical Scientiest , Health Workers and Many
More. WHO pay Salary of them. The Big Percentage of Funds Raise For Their Salaries. All of Employ of this organization
is Highly Educated and Long Job Experience , WHO give them Job Satisfaction Through Their High Salary. WHO Full Form Detail

WHO Groups People

The WHO has 194 People of Group Every people is Specific Person of Their Country. People who Related health Like a Health
Minister or a Person who is on top position of their Country related to Health or Medical. WHO is a very good Organization
who Helps the Country For Medical or Health Problems. In Year 2020 to 2021 WHO Cross $7.23 billion. They serve top Medical
Equipment For country who Needed Most In this CORONA Pandemic WHO Give Vaccine For Free Not All Country But a Country Does
not Much Money For Buying These Vaccine Doses This is why WHO helps these Countries , They Provide Surgical Masks , Masks
Hand Globs , Hand Sanitizer and Many More Thing Which Needed in These CORONA Pandemic. WHO Full Form Detail

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