Red Alert For Rain

Mumbai is on High Alert for Heavy Rain According to Weather Report.

Heavy Rainfall in Maharashtra 

According to News And Weather Reports Govt Alert Maharashtra For Heavy Rainfall, and Stay in Home.

Orange Alert Mumbai

Mumbai is in Orange alert also till 12 july for Heavy Rainfall but it also Depends on Next Two days of Rainfall.

Mumbai Andheri Subway

During Rainfall Mumbai Andheri Subway Flooded from Heavy Rainfall, Every thing was litrally stuck in this rain. 

Weather Report Red Alert in Maharashtra

By Their Weather Reports Friday and Saturday in Extremely Heavy Rainfall, Please Plan your travel safe.

Prohibited visiting Beaches.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Prohibited people for Visiting Beaches on The Specific day of Heavy Rain.

Cons Of Heavy Rainfall in Mumbai

Because of Heavy Rainfall in Mumbai The Water Supply is also Effected in various place by Damaged Water Pipelines in Dadar, Parsi and so Others

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