Who is Anna Frank?

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Anna Frank a German Girl and Jewish Victim of Holocaust 

Why Anna Frank So Famous?

Anna Frank Famous Book of Poignant 

In This book anna frank expressed her frightening period of her life.

Anna Frank Died on March 1945. Someone Who was closed to anna before she died she told anna Died so Peacefully With her Great Feeling of Satisfaction.

How Anna Frank Died?

Is Anna Frank Blind?

No, Anna Frank is not Blind. Actually Danielle Bouseman Mistakenly thought anna frank was both Blind and Deaf but she realise that anna ia not blind Hellen Keller is Blind .


Why Anna Frank go into Hinding?

Margot Recieve a Call upto reported Labour camp, 05 july 1942. Anna Parent thought suspicious. the did not expect this is for work the decide to hide next day.


How Did Frank Get Caught?

Dutch Informer Nazi Gestapo Capture anna frank when she was only 15 years old With her Family from Amsterdam Warehouse

Anna Frank get Caught

What Happened to Anna Frank

On august 4 1944 Anna frank and her family hiding place was discovered . According to a Dutch Government she was Died during typhus epidemic in March 1945.

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