Michael  Jackson

Michael Jackson the god of Dance. The Inventor of Moon Walk, No one is beetr than michael jackson

Born in Aug 29 1958, He is an American Dancer and Singer too, The KIng Of Pop


MJ People Know this name as a Michael Jackson The God Of Dance Moon Walk Inventor Died on  June 25 2009.

 The Hat Move is a Famous Move of MJ in Their Dancing


3 Sep 2009 Funeral of MJ

On # September 2009 was Funeral of The God of Dance and the King Of Pop

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How Many Plastic Surgery? 

Michael jackson approx more than 100 time o Face  surgery, these surgery cause chemical reaction of their body.

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Michael Jackson

Develop the vitiligo this is the reason why michael jackson wear glove, glove can cover the vitiligo

Michael jackson is the best dancer and singer in the world, Mj Invent the Moon Walk and Gravity move Michael jackson Wear Glove cause of vitiligo in their hand to cover..