Kevin Durant

A American Professonal BasketBall Player 

Kevin Durant Contract Size For Trade

Kevin Durant has 4 Years Of Contract After Four Year Anybody can Trade With Kevin

Kevin Durants Contract

Kevin Durant Contract With Brooklyn Nets With $194,219,320 For Four Years of Contract Salary. Including $189,078,320 Guranteed salary of Kevin Durant

Does Kevin Have No Trade Clause?

Kevin Durant Does`nt Have No Trade Clause of His Contract with Brooklyn  Nets, 

What Teams Can Trade For Kevin Derant?

1.Denver Nuggets
2.New Orlience Pelicans
3.Toronto Rapter
4.Cleaveland Cavliers

Why Kevin Durant Asked For Trade?

Because of Big 3 Players Like Kevin Told Without Irwing and Harden it will Very hard for win, Kevin Played 16 Matches Postseason Games He Played 

 Team won Lots of Matching Because of Him. This is the big Reason Why Brooklyn Gives Him 198Million USD for 4 Years Recently Kevin asked for Trade With Other Teams.