Travis Barker

A Famous American  Drummer 

83% of +75 year-olds who like to camp reckon they
feel especially active for their age. That's compared
to only 66% of non campers of the
same age. 

Plane Crash of Travis Barker

The Plane was Crashed when Travis Barker was going to Los Angeles But According to Forgein newpaper "The Mirror" Found a plane was crashed of Travis on September 19 2008

Travis is still Hospitalised?

Travis is in Hospital of Los Angeles For Pancreatitis.

Travis Daughter Alabama

Travis Daughter Alabama Tell Fans on Instagram for Praying of her Father for Recovery.

TMZ Reported

               Travis rushed to the  hospital in Los Angeles on Tuesday

Travis Barker Attend Los Angeles premiere of Hulu`s New Show on 07 April 2022

As Per Celebrity Net Worth, Travis has an estimated net worth of 50M$