Highland Park Shoting

Suspect in Custody After 6 Killed in Illinois Parade Shooting 

Suspect of Highland Park 

Highland Park Mayor Knew The Suspect of Highland Park shooting as a Child.

The Suspect as a Child was Shooting Deadly During  the City`s 4th July Parade. 6 People Died in the Firing by The Child

How Many People Injured in Highland Park Shooting?

According To the News Highland Park Shooting During The Parade 6 People killed Remains are Critically Injured

Purpose of Shooting During City`s Parade?

Shooting During city`s Parade in Highland Park is Pre Planned Legally Obtained High power Rifle and disguished himself in Women`s Clothing to escape

Suspect is Arrested in Highland park.

The Suspect of Highland Park Shooting as a Child was Arrested by The Local Police in Highland With Powerful Authorised Weapon Rifle on 5th of July.

Father of Suspect was Hiding his Son From Police For Deadly Shooting in Highland Park City`s Parade, Father Hid Their Son in Dumpster from Police.

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