Kim Taehyung

He is a famous south korean singer rapper  or songwriter and he is mostly known as V as a BTS Member


IIn 2022 he is most handsome man  in the world

V is Born on?

He born on 30 december 1995 in bisan dong. her father is a normal farmer and he complete  studies in korean high school

BTS V fan of Lizzo

BTS member v is a fan of lizzo .BTS` V gives shoutout to Lizzo and told about how hardworking Lizzo Is.



Bts v very famous for his charming attitude everyone loves her. His moods are always swing somestimes he is like a baby 

BTS V in Celine Fashion Week Paris

BTS kim taehyung currently attending celine fashion week in paris as a chief guest . Fans are grazy for sea her also also blackpink liss, park bogum.


BTS V and Yeontam

V has a pet and his name is yeontam. v loves his pet like a father. he always said that he is a fathetr of yeontam  even yeontam is very famous like his father v.

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