BTS jungkook....

 jeon junkook pepole known as jungkook he is a ver famous korean singer, rapper, vocalist songwriter. He is very youngest member in his band whos known as BTS

jungkook family baiground

Bts junkook born on 1 september 1995 mandeok dong busan. he is currently 24 years old. There are 4 members in his family his parents and one his big brother

charlie puth and jeon jungkook

Currently bts jungkook collabs with american famous singer , songwriter charlie puth . His new song left and right feat jungkook bts and charlie puth. 

Meaningful tatoos of jungkook

jJungkook like tatoos very much that's why he has made tatoos in his one full hand. To look closely you sea army in his hand.. and more words.

BTS jungkook recommended brand

Bts junkook is a luxiourious brand ambasder like samsug  galaxy also his fabourite brand is obey  topman...

BTS Jungkook is a shy boy..

BTS jungkook is a shy personality . He always embraseed every one for his small cute face like a baby.

BTS jungkook is all rounder

One of the most loveable famous thing in jungkook is he can do everything like he is good in videogames, sports, dancing, singing,cooking always down to earth.

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