BTS park jimin known as jimin. born on 13 october 1995. he is a very famous south korean K POP Idol

Bts jimmin brand ambasadar

BTS jimin is a brand ambassador of samsung electronic mobiles, lorina, louis vuitton well bts always recommend louis button

Bts jimin is a fantastic vocalist

BTS jimin voice is different for his member. His voice is actually sexy infront of every member.

BTS jimin is a smooth dancer

BTS jimin is a great dancer in his group. He is also really famous for dancing in his smooth flipping skill

Record break solo song for jimin

BTS jimin gives record break solo songs like filter, promise ,serendipity , lie..

BTs jimin a friendly nature guy

BTs jimin is a friendly nature guy. He put always smile in his face. He is always impreesed for his eyes. His eyes is dropped up gorgeous.

bts jimin's new tatoo

Recently BTS jimin made new tatoo in his body and flaunt pics it looks really glamorous..

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