The Store Page is a repository for product type post storage. It can provide differently than other pages in your installation. If you use SEO plugins, they can include custom repository settings for custom post type, and these settings are what you should use to control Shop page. Shop

Store Page WP is a compatible store page plugin for your WordPress website that everyone can set up and use easily. It’s very easy to create a store page and start adding products right away. No technical or specialized skills required. Take out the beautiful product grid and put it on the store page, or add some products to a blog post.

Ever wanted to add a store page to your website but don’t want to build it manually or use a plugin that exceeds what you’re trying to do? Store Page WP is a simple solution to create a consistent store page for your blog.


Create a simple store page on your website with a product grid.
Simple fields: Just add a product title, optional description, relevant link, upload the product image as a featured image and specify a category.
The plugin will automatically increase the size and even cut your product images to a specified size.
Choose between product 1, 2, 3 or 4 product grid.
Customize the ‘Buy Now’ button with individual products.
Divide Products.
Include matching products on your page, post or side bar by category or by product ID.
Add matching products to your page or sidebar by category
Use any interaction link (Amazon, ShareASale, RewardStyle, Ebay, CJ, etc.).
Product links are opened in a new tab and set as rel = nofollow.
Customize product image size in plugin settings.
Gutenberg’s block to add a product grid to pages and posts with the power to specify categories, columns, and a maximum number of products to be displayed or with specific products.

Option to delete CSS style if you wish to style it yourself.
Responsive and usable. Shop