PWD Full Form In Hindi 2022 – What is the Full Form Of PWD

PWD Full Form In Hindi 2022 – What is the Full Form Of PWD

PWD Full Form In Hindi 2022- What is the Full Form Of PWD

What is PWD. PWD Kya Hai

PWD एक government organization होता हैं जो की राज्य सरकार के अंतर्गत काम करता हैं और प्रत्येक शहर में PWD के अलग अलग कार्यालय होते हैं

Often we all hear and see the name of PWD in many different places,

if you read the newspaper or watch the news, then you often get to hear this type of name there but you have to be aware of its full name. It is also very important.
Whatever city you live in, there will definitely be some PWD office and you will have information about their work etc., so if needed, you can get them to do that work by giving information about the work related to them. is useful.

Before we tell you what PWD is, we tell you what its full name is so that you know its name.


It is also called Public Works Department in Hindi, it is a government department and its main work is to do work like road construction, building construction, construction of bridge etc. PWD works at the state level.

PWD Kya Hai ( PWD Full Form)

PWD is a Specified Government Organisation that work under State Government and there are Many offices of PWD in each city, which do the work of water, building, construction and Repair the Whole city.

If there was any construction related to the public, then it is done by them only, in which small and big works ranging from pipeline work to construction of government hospital or construction of school etc.

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Functions of PWD. Full Form Of PWD 2022

There are many works of PWD, such as repairing of roads, buildings, water facilities, school hospitals etc. under the government, etc.

  • Drinking water system
  • Government building
  • Road construction
  • Building bridges
1. Providing drinking water

There is often a water crisis in the villages and towns, often people do not even have drinking water, so it is their job to provide water for the people. Providing drinking water to all parts of the city and if a water pipe burst anywhere in the city, it is PWD’s job to fix it etc.

2. Construction of Bridges

Its main task is to get the bridges built etc., as per the requirement, and to repair the bridge in case of accident at some place. All these tasks come under the purview of PWD and apart from this, There are many different tasks they have to perform, but we have told you that they are their main tasks, which you should be aware of.

3. Government Building

It is the work of PWD to construct government buildings in the city and repair of government buildings, etc. They also do the work of starting schools and hospitals etc. If any hospital or school etc. any old government building is built and all those works fall under PWD.

4. Road Construction

You will see this problem everywhere because many roads are broken in cities and towns, and as a result many people face many problems because of this.

The main task of PWD is to construct a new road in the city and if the road breaks down at some point, then it is repaired and repaired.

PWD full form in medical

  • Persons with Disabilities (Medical)
  • Performers With Disabilities (Medical)
  • People with Diabetes (Medical)
  • Person With Disabilities (Medical)
  •  Person With Disability (Medical)

Other PWD Full Form. PWD Full Form Hindi 2022

  •  Password (Cyber & Security)

  •  Professional Web Design (Business)

  • People With Disabilities (Governmental)

  •  Print Working Directory (Computing)

  • Present Working Directory (Networking)

  • Portuguese Water Dog (Miscellaneous)

  • Prevailing Wage Determination (Governmental)

  • Pro Wrestling Daily (Wrestling)

  • Path of Working Directory (Computing)

  • Pulse Width Deviation (Electronics)

  • Portland Water District (Community)

  • Peoria Web Design (Business)

  • Microsoft Pocket Word text document (Computing)

  • Philadelphia Water Department (Miscellaneous)

  • Persons with Disabilities (Medical)

  • Pressure While Drilling (Unclassified)

  • Performers With Disabilities (Medical)

  • Public Works Division (Miscellaneous)

  • People With Disable (Unclassified)

  • People with Diabetes (Medical)

  • Public Works Datum (Miscellaneous)

  • Psych Ward Druggies (Unclassified)

  • Portuguese Water Dogs (Miscellaneous)

  • Pac West Distributing (Unclassified)

  • Please Wait Department (Miscellaneous)

  •  Paint With Diamonds (Miscellaneous)

  • Person With Disabilities (Medical)

  •  Person With Disability (Medical)

  •  Powder What does (Miscellaneous)

  •  Power Weighted Densities (Miscellaneous)

  • Pass With Deviation (Computing)

  • Print The Working Directory (Unclassified)

  • Print Work Directory (Computing)

  •  Procurement Work Directive (Miscellaneous)

  • Programmed Warhead Detonation (Military)

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