Oswaal Reference book is the best For class 12th and Score 95+ in Exam 2022

Oswaal Reference book is the best For class 12th and Score 95+ in Exam 2022

Oswaal book Class 12th Exam

Desclaimer: Oswaal book Class 12th Exam

Class 12th is Very important for a student who Interested in Jee or any competative Exams and Boards Also

We have some Ideas to make 90% or More Find out These Ideas or Strategy to climb high.

If you are a Normal Student has Not good in basics in class 12th Thats Okay. 

1st.   You should Complete First NCERT Because NCERT Is the best For all classes and in NCERT You`ll Clear all your daught in Basics

2nd.  You Should want to Learn Atleast 10 Years Back Question. Because It is highly chance to enroll Previous year question in current                exam This is why you should clear 10 previous years Question(PYQ) This is very Important. 

3rd.   If all of your syllabus completed According to me Than You Should wanted to Learn Oswaal Question Bank. No one is best than                Osswal Because Oswaal makes thing Easy to understand They Gives Previous Years Toppers Answers in those books this is why i              suggest Oswaal For You 

Oswaal CBSE MCQs Chapterwise For Term I & II, Class 12, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics(With the largest MCQ Questions Pool for 2021-22 Exam) Oswaal book Class 12th Exam



CBSE 12 Reference References
Maths, Chemistry, Physics is one of the subjects that needs to be done every day. Solving sample questions from excellent books to help answer deceptive questions. Below is a list of the best CBSE board preparation books chosen by toppers to get high scores on tests.





Relations and Functions









Vectors and Three – Dimensional Geometry



Linear Programming









Internal Assessment



Learning and Practice

I often hear students talk about skipping reading inside. Why… schools are not counted. There are no tests other than important board tests. It is very important to look at all the talks and understand the chapter. At the same time, it is equally important to practice the additional question. So do not take a break after understanding the chapter from the lessons in the classroom or the Eckovation Study Group but continue to practice the questions from NCERT and QUIZ given in the Study Group Quiz section.

Keep Proper Notes

Why is having good notes beneficial?

Here’s why…

Appropriate notes will give you better information and understanding of the story. Besides, the notes are easy to read and help mark the essentials of the test.

You can click here to gain access to the notes of all the chapters to prepare for the board exam.

Focus on Textbooks

It is clear that instead of completing textbooks, students jump to textbooks for their board’s preparations.

However, that is not the way to do it right. It may sound confusing, however, your textbooks (NCERT books) are good enough to get good points on the boards.

Therefore, read your textbooks diligently. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with them, and collect all your lessons, topics, and exercise questions.

Follow the Time

Make the most of your time. Make time to read and stick to it.

As you enter your study plan, break your syllabus into pieces and allow some time for all of them.

For example-

If you plan to study 5 hours a day during the weekends, then divide those 5 hours into 2 or 3 phases, according to your ability.
Decide which topic you would like to include in the program.
Be sure to state accurately the outcome you expect in your studies.
Proper setting of goals, topics and topics, and duration will make your study periods more productive and concrete. So, while making your schedule, make sure it happens.

Resolve Last year’s Examination Papers

Once you are done with your notes and are familiar with this topic, start solving last year’s exam papers. They will serve as a testing tool to test your knowledge. In addition, they will also assist in analyzing the test pattern. You can click here to gain access to Key Questions for all Chartboard Preparation Chapters.

Read More than One Subject at a Time

Instead of studying one lesson at a time, take at least 2. For example – if you read about tomorrow and evening, then read different topics at different times.

Now, the question comes why?

Yes, because this will help you to compile more than one topic at a time. In this way, no particular topic will be difficult. In addition, your study times will not be a distraction.

Responses to Presentation Skills

A better presentation will increase your chances of getting good marks. Cool your presentation skills to make your answer sheet look nice, organized, and fun.

Since you should try your test in writing, you should have a good writing speed. As well as speed, it is important to write well. So, while preparing your boards, practice writing again.

A good amount of practice skills will improve your writing speed and writing skills. And both are very much needed to complete your exam successfully on time.

Adequate Review Cycles..Oswaal book Class 12th Exam

Organize your time so that you have enough time to update your syllabus.

Try to review your syllabus at least three times before the exams. The first review session will let you know how much you remember. The second one will help clear up the gaps. While the third one will strengthen your ideas and your understanding.

Bonus: This Buzan’s Revision Cycle is a great help:

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