LPG and CNG full form in India 2022

LPG and CNG full form in India 2022

LPG and CNG full form

  1. Liquid Petroleum Gas ( LPG )
  2. Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG )

LPG CNG full form

1. Liquid Petroleum Gas ( LPG )

LPG( Liquid Petroleum Gas ) It is used to Burning appliances , Cooking , Vehicles , Producing a energy to food and many more

things. The LPG is in Your cooking Cylinder it is not completely LPG it is a mixtures of some gases like Highly mixed propane

(C3H8), and Also Mixed Butane ((C4H10) so this Gas Called LPG as Liquid petroleum Gas is not pure it is Highly and Commonly

mixtures of Both Propane And Butane. LPG is a High burnable gas Mixtures of hydrocarbon such as both gases.

This LPG is  quickly evaporate at normal temperature This is why LPG Compressed in a Steel Vessels For Daily life Cooking Uses.

LPG is prepared by refining petroleum or “wet” natural gas, and it is completely Found  in petroleum sources, made during the refining

of petroleum (crude oil), or extracted from petrol or natural gas streams as it emerges from the ground. It currently provides about 3%

of all energy used, and burns cleanly without lead and very few sulfur extracts. Being a gas, it does not pose a risk to land or water

pollution, but it can cause air pollution. The LPG has an average calorific value of 46.1 MJ / kg compared to 42.5 MJ / kg of petroleum

and 43.5 MJ / kg of premium grade petrol (petrol). [8] However, its power capacity per 26 MJ / L volume unit is lower than that of 

petrol or petroleum, as its magnitude is lower (approximately 0.5-0.58 kg / L, compared to 0.71-0.77 kg / L fuel).

LPG For Cooking Uses.

LPG CNG full form

LPG is used in daily life cooking purpose it is Compressed in a steel Vessels. Steel vessels is is a strong Element to prevent

Explosion in the vessels. This is why we saw Our LPG Cylinder or Cooking Cylinder is a steeled body In the Steel vessels

it has a Copper Pipe on the top. In the pile 2 basic features , First is a small copper tip and , second a strong Spring to Up the small

copper tip back If you Push this tip the Gas will Release and you can feel or smell the Gas when you can stop pushing it Stop releasing

the Gas , This is very safe and Secured Uses of Cooking Gas Because in our Country INDIA has various no of cases where people Die

Because of Cylinder Explosion. Most of Cylinder distributer told you how you can save your life when Gas Leaked.

Some Life Saving Tips About Uses of Cylinder
  1.  When you smell gas in your home Don`t Worry About this Firstly Disclose or Open your Door Window because the Gas release from your House then Switched off Your Cylinder.
  2. When you saw your Cylinder Pipe Burned rapidly Go and Bring a cloth or anything and dip cloth in the water and then Put it on the  cylinder the Fire is Stopped now.

2.Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG )

LPG CNG full form

CNG is a compressed natural gas CNG is a Form of Methane (CH4). This Gas is mostly Used for Transportation Vehicles. This is very

Nature Friendly Gas then Other gas because it has Zero Air Pollution. CNG is very good for all types. CNG is cheap then other gases

CNG Price nearly 45.20 RS Per Liter In USD it is 0.60$ Per Liter. This natural gas is the same gas that you use daily to heat your home and

water, cook on the stove and even to dry your clothes in a dryer .CNG is Natural gas we all know But how In our Planet some of Places

where Natural gas Releasing rapidly by Thousands of Year this gas is an the waste of our Planet`s Core Extracts Who Stored in the Deep

Layer of Planet and We can Compress this Gases from those Areas and the Reason of Natural gases It is safest than Other This CNG is

not Formable gas it is Natural this is why This Gas is Very Cheap than LPG , Petrol , Diesel. CNG reduces maintenance costs since it

contains no additives and burns cleanly leaving no by-products of combustion to contaminate your spark plugs and engine oil.

CNG, also known as compressed natural gas, is an eco-friendly alternative to gasoline. LPG CNG full form 

How You Can Guess This Taxi or Vehicles Uses CNG or Not?

The Guessing Vehicles uses CNG is When you saw any Taxi and if They Use CNG those Taxi or Auto has in Color Of Green on Top

Face of their Vehicles when you saw these Color They use CNG.

LPG CNG full form

CNG For Vehicles.

CNG gases Mostly reduce Noise than Diesel and Petrol Because CNG is Lighter than of 40% of Air

This Gas is very nature Friendly this is why most of People buy or like this gas for their Vehicles. This Gas is Cheap Than Diesel or Petrol

and many more gases This is also a very big Reason why people like this most Because of their Cheap price people can Save their

money and It is Good for them and Also Good For Their Pocket. Usually people wanted this types of gases who are most Reliable for

Uses. Because CNG or Natural Gas is a Very Very Good Of All Point Of Vision. Although vehicles can use natural gas as either a liquid or

a gas, most vehicles use the gaseous form compressed to 3,000 psi. LPG CNG full form 

Our India is a Fast developing country in the world this is why we want good Natural connected gases or nature friendly thing for our

surrounding safe and environment is clean this is our responsibility to take care of our environment.

CNG is playing a Very Big role for Prevention of our Environment Like This gas is nature friendly so No Air pollution , Lighter than Air

No Noise pollution Cheap it Price than Any gases and Highly Inflammable.

  1. Uncolored
  2. No taste
  3. No smell
  4. Non poisonous
  5. Lighter then Air
  6. Highly Flammable
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