Laura Cooper Testimony U.S Department of Defence(DOD) (2021)

Laura Cooper Testimony U.S Department of Defence(DOD) (2021)

Laura Cooper Testimony U.S Department of Defence

Laura Katherine Cooper is an American Civil Servant. Cooper is a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russian, Ukrainian,
and Eurasian affairs She previously served as The principal director in the office of the Homeland Defense and Global Security
Officer.  Exipure

About Laura Katherine Cooper Testimony

Laura cooper

He described Russia’s intervention in Ukraine as a “disgraceful violation of international law” after Ukrainian ships were attacked
by Russia in late November 2018. Cooper has been supporting ongoing military assistance in Ukraine. During a visit to Ukraine in
2018, he noted that Congress had approved funding for military aid, and said that “one of my intentions for this visit was to discuss
with the Government of Ukraine its key security needs. He met with the Government of Ukraine. Stepan Poltorak, outlines steps for
cooperation between the two countries in defense. Cooper was a Pentagon official in charge of the aid package; he confirmed in December 2018 that the US would have a broader response to Russia’s violence. In a video message Cooper said The US will remain a strong partner “in strengthening its troops. There is agreement that his assurances to the Ukrainian people show that he expects the funds to be released in early 2019. Laura Cooper Testimony Defence

External evidence

Laura Cooper

video thumbnail Testimony of Cooper and David Hale to House Intelligence Committee, November 20, 2019, C-SPAN
His testimony was sought by ANC committees leading the investigation into Donald Trump’s indictment on issues affecting Trump-Ukraine’s scandal. On October 23, 2019, in defiance of a letter from the White House warning him not to appear before a charge of indictment, Cooper testified in a closed hearing before congressional committees. After a five-hour delay due to protests by members of the Congress of Republicans, Cooper completed a 3.5-hour deadline in which he described the process of transferring military aid to Ukraine. During a public hearing on November 20, 2019, Cooper testified at the U.S. House of Representatives that Ukrainian officials were aware of the military assistance seizure on July 25. The day Trump-Zelensky’s phone call, disputed the statement that it could not be. quid pro quo because Ukraine did not know about the arrest. Laura Cooper Testimony Defence

Cooper testified to the United States Congress’s House Intelligence Committee

Laura Cooper is a Strict Officer for the Rules if she wanted to fight For somebody its not matter for her  how Powerful the opposition.

Before she joining the Department of Defense (DOD) in 2001, she had been a Before policy planning officer for the State Department and a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Previous assignment to the DOD was the Head of the Afghanistan Team, the Office of Stability, which is responsible for stability and security. In 2004 he noted that in order to achieve these goals, efforts must be patient, not endless. He outlined the key requirements for achieving these goals: The Ministry of Defense and the Afghan National Army need to be reformed and rebuilt to combat the resurgent Taliban and powerful military chiefs.

police were needed to fight crime; the justice system should have been assisted to ensure the rule of law; prisons had to be built.

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