DDC Officer Full Form – What is the Full Form Of DDC Officer in Hindi

DDC Officer Full Form – What is the Full Form Of DDC Officer in Hindi

Dear readers, today in this article we will read DDC officer full form in Hindi,

  • What is Full Form DDC in Hindi

  • डीडीसी का फुल फॉर्म
  • जिला  विकास आयुक्त
  • Full Form of DDC
  • जिला  विकास आयुक्त
  • What is the full form of DDC in police?
  • जिला  विकास आयुक्त
  • What is the Full Form of DC?
  • डिप्टी कमिश्नर-
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There is one post in DDC government job. And the person holding the post has to do development work. If you want to get complete information on this subject, then read the article completely. ddc ka full form – जिला  विकास आयुक्त  DDC officer full form.

What is Full Form DDC in Hindi : District Development Commissioner and the full form of DDC in Hindi is जिला  विकास आयुक्त.

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What is the role of district development commissioner? DDC officer Full Form

The Regional Development Commissioner should monitor all development plans in the District. As Deputy Commissioner he supervises maintenance of land records. Delegates the authority to assist and rehabilitate and evacuate people during natural disasters are the main functions of the Deputy Commissioner.

What is difference between Deputy Commissioner and Divisional Commissioner? डीडीसी का फुल फॉर्म

The Deputy Commissioner is the highest Officer of regional Development revenue administration in the district. In matters of revenue, you are accountable to the Government through the Divisional Commissioner for the Unit and the Commissioner for Finance, Revenue. He is fully responsible for the collection of land taxes revenue, other kinds of Government taxes, fees and all dues recoverable as arrears of land revenue.

DDC full form in Bihar

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What is The Full  Form of DC? DDC officer Full Form

The Full Form of DC is Deputy Commissioner.

What is Meaning of DDC election? DDC ka full form kya hai

In India we have 280 District Development Council (DDC) The total seats in the union territory equally divided between the Jammu and Kashmir regions. Equal Distribution In each of the 20 districts of the union territory there are 14 constituencies.

List of Deputy Commissioner in District. Full form of DDC

Name of the officer with Designation Office Fax Mobile E-mail
Mrs.Isha Khosla,DC (North) 27203048   9899193642  [email protected]
Ms.Akriti Sagar,DC (Central) 23282903 23284933    [email protected]
Dr. Ankita Chakravarty,DC (South) 29535025, 29535796 29535797 8289008855  [email protected]
Ms.Monika Priyadarshini, DC (New Delhi) 23386982 23384621 9899465305  [email protected]
Mr.Naveen Aggarwal,  DC (South West) 25065633, 25069484 25069133 9873873411  [email protected]
Ms.Kriti Garg, DC (West) 25107118 27395617    [email protected]
Ms.Geetika Sharma, DC (North-East) 22122732 22129686    [email protected]
Ms.Sonika Singh, DC (East) 22421656 22455519   [email protected]
Sh.Cheshta Yadav, DC(North-West) 25953785,25953380 25952530 9873745563  [email protected]
Sh.Viswendra, DC (South-East)       26476402 26476403 9717778491  [email protected]

Mr.Sanjeev Kumar,


22126305 22126636 9717549903

 [email protected]

DDC Complete Form in English – Regional Development Council
DDC Complete Hindi Form – डिस्ट्रिक्ट डेवलपमेंट काउंसिल (जिला विकास परिषद)

The Central Government amended the law of Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat in 1989 to facilitate the establishment of the DDC. We know the full DDC form, now we know what it does.

What are the functions of DDC? DDC full form in administration.

( Work of DDC) The main function of DDC is to focus on the development works in that district by coordinating with the committees of these 5 functions namely health, finance, development, public development, and education so that the area in that union. There should not be any delay or deficiency in any development work so that all these 5 committees of that state continue to cooperate.

DDC Full Form Jammu & Kashmir

The Regional Development Council will be present in all 20 districts of Jammu and Kashmir, with 14 members present in each DDC. There are 20 regions covering both Jammu and Kashmir. The duration of the entire DDC will be 5 full years and there will be a booking program for SC women, ST.

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